We have fully kitted out seperate Stainless and Mild steel fabrication facilities and machinery which includes:

  • 2 ton overhead crane
  • CNC Plasma cutter (cuts upto 25mm thickness)
  • 3mx6mm guillotine
  • 3m CNC pressbrake
  • Powered initial pinch rollers
  • 2m Successo Lathe
  • Pulse synergic MIG welders (water cooled)
  • AC/DC TIG welders (water cooled)
  • Semi-Auto Bandsaw
  • GF orbital pipe cutter

Stainless Steel

We fabricate a real variety of Stainless products for all sorts of applications in appropriate grades for the job. Veterinary, Medical and Food are just a few of the industries we provide Stainless products to. Please take a look in the gallery below to see a few examples.

Mild Steel

Depending on the requirement or budget, we manufacture fabrications from mild steel. These include: Skids/frames, Tanks, Pressure Vessels, barriers, decorative etc. We can advise and provide appropriate finishes, depending on the environment of the part. These include Galvanising, powdercoating, wet spray painting.